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ENC1101/ENC1102 Plant City and MacDill: Ms. Davis - ENC1101

This Library Guide (Research Guide) is to be utilized as a general resource for the English Composition (ENC) classes offered at HCC Plant City Campus.

How to use this page

​Tips on how to perform academic research. 

Use the boxes below to help guide you through the search process of locating appropriate resources for your essay assignments with Ms. Davis.  

Find books, articles, videos, & more

Reference Sources


​Reference Sources

Reference Sources are excellent to use for to define a topic.  These types of documents and research materials provide excellent background information on a topic. Also, you can find something of interest in this background knowledge that allows you to expand your definition even further.  

For example, one of your search term topic could be "The American Dream".  A reference source can "define" what the American Dream is, how the term came about, how long has it been known as a term, etc.  Within this definition, look for other keywords, such as "home ownership", Industrial Revolution, etc. that provides you with other search terms.

Databases for Reference Sources

The databases listed below are great resources to use when you need to:

  1. define a term;
  2. find background information and;
  3.  help you develop additional keyword search terms. 

General Coverage

General Coverage Databases

These databases listed below can be used to find resources that support or provide more information on your topic.  The types of Documents to use are:

  • Articles
  • Reports
  • Topic Overviews
  • Statistical Data

Streaming Media

Streaming Media and Other Databases Types

The HCC Libraries Online system also has access to streaming videos, argumentative resources, newspaper databases, eBooks and more.  Use the Online Library Databases page for access to these resources.