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Ms. Scott's LibGuide (Southshore): Suggested Sources for LIT 2000: Children's Literature

This LibGuide has been created for Ms. Scott's ENC 1102 and LIT 2000.



When it comes to scholarly research it does not get better than JSTOR! JSTOR is what the professional researchers use because everything in JSTOR is scholarly! In other words... if you find it in JSTOR then you KNOW without a doubt that it will impress your professor! 

Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete is another good resource, however, much like History Reference Center, it has BOTH scholarly and none scholarly resources. To ensure that all of your resources are scholarly click on the "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journal" in the left side of the page under the "Full Text" button. Remember a good resource has its own Work Cited or Reference page. If you do not see a Reference or Work Cited page AVOID AT ALL COST! 

Films on Demand

Films on Demand is the NetFlix of the Academic World! It provides you links to tons of fun and informative documentaries on all subject areas. When you use Films on Demand you only have to remember one thing... FREE movies and Television shows! 

Books and Authors

Access your next great read via author search, title and series search, "if you like..." search, author, title and genre browse, awards search, who, what, when, where — graphical search, advanced search and much more!

Book Review Digest

Book Review Digest is the place to go for your book review needs. Want to know what the experts think about that new blockbuster novel or what they thought about a literary classic? This is the place to go! Book Review Digest provides book reviews on all sorts of types of books throughout literary history.