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Ms. Scott's LibGuide (Southshore): What is Plagiarism?

This LibGuide has been created for Ms. Scott's ENC 1102 and LIT 2000.

What is Plagiarism?


Useful YouTube Videos on Plagiarism

The Punishable Perils of Plagiarism: 
The Problems and Pitfalls of Plagiarism- A Student Guide to Success

Test your knowledge...

How much do you really know about plagiarism? Use this tutorial to find out! Take the pre-test and see what you need to learn - and learn it right on the same site! You'll discover how to appropriately incorporate the work of others into your papers. The instructions and examples are easy to follow, so you can refer back to this tutorial to help you as work on your assignments. The review quizzes will help reinforce what you learn. Then, you can take the post-test to see how far you've come!  

Plagiarism Tutorial: Test Your Knowledge 
Courtesy of The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries.