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Veterinary Technology (Plant City): Online Databases (searching for articles)

Guide to Library and Online Resources available for Veterinary Technology Students @ HCC

Vet Tech Specific Library Electronic Resources

Veterinary Specific Streaming Videos

Streaming Videos 

HCC Libraries Online has access to more electronic resources such as streaming videos.  Veterinary Education in Video is an electronic database that provides access up to over 700 videos just on veterinary technology. 

If you experience problems accessing this database or would like more help with the Veterinary Education in Video streaming database, please contact your librarian at the Plant City campus library.


General Databases

General Databases

The following databases are very good databases to start your research.  They cover multiple topics including veterinary medicine.  For more specific, veterinary technician related topics, see the databases listed in the Subscription Database section.

Subscription Databases

Specialized Databases 

Each of these databases includes information from magazines, journals, and newspaper articles on specialized topics within the field of Veterinary Science.  These databases allow you to narrow your search by format, publication date, publication name, and subject/topic.