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Dr. Reid - ENC 1101 - Plant City Campus: Argumentative Essay

Suggested Keywords and Search Terms


Figure out the keywords or the main ideas from your assignment topic.  For example, I have underlined words in the assignment topic about human gene editing that could be used as keywords or at least used to help develop related keywords.

Should human gene editing be allowed so that people can alter their own DNA as well as the DNA of future generations? Human gene editing is a method for making specific changes to the DNA in cells of an adult or child. It can be used to add, remove, or alter DNA in the gene, leading to changes in physical traits, like eye color, and disease risk. Human gene editing is the subject of intense debate over its possible consequences for society in general. Opinions are deeply divided between those who strongly believe that human gene editing is necessary to treat and prevent genetic disorders and diseases and those who strongly believe that human gene editing could lead to creating "designer humans." What is your argument?


Use the Find books, articles, videos & more search box to find results in the HCC Library Catalog.  Also, the resources below are a sample of what can be found through the HCC Libraries Online system.  

Find books, articles, videos, & more

Search Terms!

Search Terms

Build search terms from the keywords.  Develop more search terms through brainstorming for related words and synonyms.  For example, United States is a related search term to America.

Below are some sample search terms and search results. 

The quotation marks around 'gene editing' is a search tool that creates an exact search.  The most prominent/relevant resources in the results will have 'gene editing' together.  

More Search Tips

See the Boolean Operator Search Tip page for more research strategies.

Library Databases

Database Options

The library databases listed below provide access to resources, such as newspaper articles, magazine articles, professional and academic journal articles, that are appropriate for your Argumentative Essay.  


The general databases are great places to start your research on any given topic.

Science and Technology

Legal Databases

Medical Databases

Psychology Databases

Books Related to Your Topic