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REA 0019 Developmental Reading: Home

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Hawk Card & the Library

Hawk Card

With your Hawk Card you can:

For information on how to log in to HCC's online research resources:

How To... Find HCC Libraries Online on Canvas and search the library catalog

Step 1.

In the course menu for one of your Canvas courses, find and click on "HCC Libraries Online".

Step 2.

Click "Open in New Tab" when prompted.

Step 3.

Search for something in the search bar. It can be a title, author, keyword, or subject. You can use a single word, or a phrase. Hit enter or click the magnifying glass button to search. Tip: put quotation marks around a "title" or exact phrase like "global warming".

Step 4.

Browse the results. They're automatically sorted by relevance. You may need to filter your results, which you can do in the filter menu on the right side of the page. You can select only articles from peer-reviewed journals, sources available online, sources published within a certain date range, and more.

Search HCC Libraries

Find books, articles, videos, & more