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Make Your Home Among Strangers: Discussion Questions

A guide for Jennine Capó Crucet's novel Make Your Home Among Strangers

A Reading Companion to Make Your Home Among Strangers


Questions from the back of the book: 

1) Lizet is on a very different path than that of her older sister Leidy, a single mom living at home. Describe their relationship as sisters. Where do they have common ground?  

2) Do you remember the  Elián González story from 2000?  If so, did you recognize the fictionalized references in this novel?  How did they contribute to building the picture of Lizet's hometown and Cuban-American culture in Miami?  

3) Describe Lizet's relationship with her mom. Do you feel compassion for Lourdes as she tries to navigate the parallels between Ariel Hernandez's journey to Lizet's own? 

4) Why does Lizet feel like a fish out of water both at Rawlings and at home in Miami? 

5) Which scene was most powerful for you as a reader?  Why? 

6) How are Lizet's goals for her future aligned with her mother's and how are they different? 

7) How does Lizet cope with the challenges of being a minority student at Rawlings?  What could the school administration do differently to support her?  

8) Have you ever experienced culture shock like Lizet does at Rawlings? How did you cope? 

9) Who was your favorite character?  Who was your least favorite? 

10) What could Lizet do, if anything, to bridge the cultural and generational gaps with Lourdes?