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Brandon Library: Information and Services: Brandon Community Garden

Community Garden

Brandon Campus Community Garden Plots 

HCC Sustainability provides seeds for the Seed Library at the Brandon Campus Library. While everyone can take the seeds home to grow, the library is also sponsoring 10 raised plant beds for growing the seeds on campus. Cultivating herbs, vegetables, and flowering plants on campus fosters our understanding of sustainability, enhances the campus's aesthetic appeal, and equips us with the skills to cultivate our own food. 

Rules and Responsibilities: 

  1. Each of the 10 planters will be divided into 4 plots.  
  2. Individual gardeners can reserve up to 2 plots,  
  3. Clubs, departments, and other group gardeners can reserve an entire planter (4 plots).  
  4. Plots must be kept tidy and weed free.  
  5. We reserve the right to reassign plots that are messy for more than two weeks. 
  6. Email reminders about messy plots will be sent to gardeners using the email address supplied with the application. Failure to address the issue will result in plot reassignment.  
  7. Gardeners are encouraged to visit their plots regularly and to share their experiences with their friends, classmates, faculty, and any others that might be interested in this project.  


Students, faculty, staff, clubs, departments, and other groups interested in reserving a plot should:  

  1. Apply online at the Brandon Library Website 

  1. When an available spot(s) is available, the applicant will be notified by email.  

  1. Applicants are welcome and encouraged to reapply for a plot annually.  


Tools for the maintenance of the plots, trowels, spades, watering cans, signage will be available. Tools should be returned in the same condition as when they were borrowed.  

Signs will be posted reminding passersby to admire the plots with eyes only. 😊 The gardeners will be the only ones harvesting the bounty.  

Request a Plot!

Reserve a plot today! 

Community Garden Flyer