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Subterranean Homesick Databases

Some of these database sub-collections (or other database ephemera) could be useful!

What is this guide?

These titles have no home! They are hidden from view. They are subterranean homesick databases and so do not appear on our databases list. However these are direct links to subjects/disciplines or other categories within the larger database platforms. They are added to this guide as "link assets." To use them simply map these links to your guides by:

Add / Reorder button --> Link --> Reuse Existing Link --> Search for link (by title)

If you think one or more of these sub-database should be on the database list proper, feel free to suggest it! - Jeremy


Deep linking or direct links in Newsbank databases:

Here's an example:

  • Delete the yellow section of the URL:
  • Add the following prefix for Newsbank:

Link assets:

Alexander Street Press

  1. Go to
  2. Mouse over "My collections" & "Disciplines" etc.
  3. Look for the abbreviated title code
    • For instance Civil war letters link shows as
    • the code is at the end cwld
  4. then use the redirector:
  5. add:
  6. add the code: clwd




Oxford Reference