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PlagiarismRx: Ensuring Academic Integrity: For students

What is Plagiarisim?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines plagiarism as "the action or practice of taking someone else's work, idea, etc., and passing it off as one's own; literary theft."

It's easy to commit plagiarism, even if you don't mean to do it! Use the resources on this page to help you recognize and avoid academic dishonesty while you become a better researcher and writer.

HCC Policies & Procedures

Online video tutorials

Play these tutorials at your own pace, stopping when needed and later picking up where you left off. 

The following two videos are from HCC's "Orientation for Online Students." Transcripts are  included. Use your HCC NetID to log in.

Online plagiarism tutorial

The Plagiarism Tutorial below contains written modules on such topics as how to quote, summarize, and paraphrase to avoid plagiarizing the work of others. This tutorial can serve as an online manual that you can refer to while working on your assignments.