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Open Educational Resources - OER

Large Repositories

Best Bets

Kristin's tips for finding OER or free teaching resources

  1. Talk with your colleagues to see if they are teaching with open or free resources.
  2. Find out what others are using for the same or similar course.
  3. Check OpenOregon, the HCC Course Repository (coming soon to HCC's Zero Textbook Cost site), or another large archive that lists materials by course. See above for Best Bets.
  4. Visit OpenStax, Open Textbook Library, or another open textbooks repository.
  5. Contact your campus librarian.

More repositories

Mason OER Metafinder

This search engine from George Mason University is connected to 15 major OER repositories.

OER Commons

This resource seeks to collect and distribute a variety of OER at a variety of levels and subjects.

Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education and Synthesis (QUBES)

This repository contains learning materials, software, data, and models for teaching quantitative skills in undergraduate biology courses. QUBES is developed in part by faculty at the University of Pittsburgh.


Materials in the Applied Math and Science Educational Repository are free for use and adaptation. Most resources are at the high school and community college levels.


Learning objects and lessons from the National Endowment for the Humanities. It offers a large collection of peer evaluated websites.

Community of Online Research Assignments

Open resource for faculty and librarians about Research Assignments. A research assignment is anything that requires students to engage with information resources in a critical or reflective way. This most often includes finding, retrieving, analyzing and evaluating, using and integrating, or organizing the information in order to produce new knowledge.


This blog formatted repository seeks to bring together free resources on culture and education. The list of movies here is impressive.


A non-profit organization utilizing assistive technologies to provide open and freely accessible textbooks and interactive visualizations.

Humanities Commons

Network for people working in the humanities to share open-access scholarship and teaching materials, make interdisciplinary connections, build a WordPress Web site, and increase the impact of your work by sharing it in the repository. 

OERSI—Open Educational Resources Search Index

Indexes OER textbooks in English and other European languages.

Open Textbooks

OpenStax College

Rice Connexions is providing peer reviewed, quality open textbooks with interactive components. There are some amazing textbooks available here, with more in production.

College Open Textbooks

This effort funded by the Hewlett Foundation, seeks to drive adoption of open textbooks. Many of the books shared on this resources are reviewed.

Open Textbook Library

Hundreds of complete, open college-level textbooks collected by the University of Minnesota.

BC OpenEd

A curated collection of open textbooks, many reviewed by British Columbia faculty.


Boundless works with experts to compile web-based openly available content into the same general arrangement of textbooks. You can actually search the ISBN for your current textbook and see what content Boundless would use to replace it.

GALILEO Open Learning Materials

High-level texts hosted or created by the University of Georgia.


A project of the Wikimedia Foundation, this collection of group written textbooks in a variety of sources follows rules similar to Wikipedia.

American Institute of Mathematics

A list of open textbooks in various subdisciplines of Mathematics approved by the AIM editorial board.

Aviation Handbooks and Manuals

Open Textbooks on Aviation from the Federal Aviation Administration (US).


Free medical textbooks.

Lyryx Open Textbooks

Lyryx offers high-quality open textbooks in the fields of accounting, mathematics, and economics. They also have optional added (paid) resources such as homeworks and quizzes to accompany the open textbooks.

Open Education Resource 2017 Textbook List  (Sacred Heart University)

OER textbooks by discipline - a list set up in 2017 by library staff at Sacred Hearth University.

Images & Multimedia


Creative Commons Search

Guide to the Public Domain

ADA Considerations - Alt Text for Images

CSUN Universal Design Center. Best Practices for Accessible Images

Cooper Hewitt Guidelines for Image Description

Watlington, Emily. (2020, February 12). How museums are making artworks accessible to blind people online. ArtNews


Khan Academy
PhET Science Simulations
Wikimedia Commons
CLIP Information Literacy Tutorials
Critical Commons

Case Studies