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ENC 1102 - Sumner-Kenefick (Ybor City): Yours (Robison)

Use this guide to help you with your research.



Mary Robison

TIP: When searching for online articles, copy/paste the author's last name and the title of the work from this box. This way, you can be sure of a correct spelling.



About This Page

Use one or more of these resources to find critical articles ("outside" or "secondary" sources) about the literary work named on the left.

  • On the right is a link to an online eBook and/or a list of print books in the library—all of these contain material about the story or poem.
  • The Ybor City Library Search portal below will bring up a wide variety of materials. Type the "name of the work in quotation marks" followed by the author's last name. Example: "The Story of an Hour" Chopin.
  • Further down are links to specific literary databases. Search tips are provided for each.

HCC Libraries Search

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Library Databases for Literature Research

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Selected eBook & Books in the Library

These books ↓  contain additional outside sources of literary criticism.

The eBook is available online. The print books have a Call Number. This shows where they are located in the Reference room - south side of the library. They are for in-library use only.