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ENC 1101 - Steinhardt (Dale Mabry): Search Tips

Links and tips for your research assignments.

First, choose some keywords before you start searching

This three-minute video shows how to develop good keywords for effective searching in the library catalog and databases. From Norwich Library.

Next, search PRIMO - HCC Libraries catalog and general search engine

For your convenience, the search box below takes you right into PRIMO without having to navigate back to the HCC Libraries Online link in Canvas.

Find books, articles, videos, & more

Some search examples

Let's say our research question is the following:

Does using social media hurt college students' ability to communicate in-person?

Based on the method shown in the video, the most important words—our key words or search terms—are college students, social media, and communication.

Some example searches in Primo, the library catalog, are below:

Depending on your device, filters appear to the left of results, or above them next to the filter icon, which looks like a funnel, like this: .

Also search individual library databases

Searching individual library databases is similar to searching Primo, the library catalog, as described on this page.

Databases selected especially for you—and help in using them—are linked on the Databases and Websites tab.