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American History - Plant City: Dr. Herd-Clark - AMH 2010

Early American History - AMH 2010

Early American History Resources

The resources located on this page are a guide to help get the research process started. These resources are legitimate, authoritative and the types of resources your instructor, Dr. Dawn Herd-Clark, would like you to use for your presentation assignment.  This page focuses on Early American History, specifically, events, people, places in United States history up until the year 1877.

Please contact your Plant City campus librarian if you need any assistance with finding appropriate sources for this assignment.

What are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are original documents or artifacts created during the time under study. Historians rely on primary sources to gain insight into the known past, and to provide substantiating evidence and support for their interpretations. The secondary source is the article or book (monograph) written by the historian.

Examples of Primary Sources include:

  • Letters and Diaries
  • Original works of art, music, or literature
  • Speeches
  • Maps
  • Photographs
  • Artifacts (tools, pottery, cave paintings, etc...)
  • Ephemera (pamphlets, flyers, stickers, buttons)
  • Government documents (records, laws, treaties, court cases, etc..)
  • Historical newspaper articles of eyewitness accounts
  • Original scientific findings
  • Institutional Records
  • Raw data

Primary Sources are available in Article Databases


Video Formats

HCC Libraries have two video formats now available for student use for history topics:  DVDs and Streaming.  


The HCC Plant City campus library have some DVDs on historical topics available for check-out.  The loan period for DVDs is 7 days.  

Streaming Videos

See the box below for streaming video information.  For access, you need to be logged into the HCC Libraries Online system.

Books at HCC Libraries