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Careers and Professional Skills (Brandon Campus): Home, Sweet Home

Researching careers

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To help you find your perfect place to live—in the US, or a foreign country.

Home buying

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Where do you want to live?

Cost of living including cost of rentals, homes, etc. can have a big impact on how far your salary goes!  What about other amentiies? What kind of lifestyle do you want?  Moneycrashers suggests looking at affordability, taxes, employment opportunities, real estate value, crime rate and statistics, proximity to family and friends, climate, education system, culture, commute time and public transportation options, food options, town or city size, healthcare facilities, proximity to an airport.  What other factors are important to you?  How about sources of water?  

Teleport:  Move to your best place to live and work.  Compare cities on quality of life, costs of living, salaries and more