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Careers and Professional Skills (Ybor City): Start Here

Tips for Searching Ybor City Library for Career Materials

Use the Ybor City Library Search box on this page to find books, eBooks and eVideos about career fields.


  • Type 1-2 keywords that describe your profession
  • Add the phrase "vocational guidance"
  • Click "Search"
  • Your search results may include books as well as eBooks, articles, videos, etc

For Example:

architecture "vocational guidance"

nursing "vocational guidance"

  • When you get your search results, the menu on the left will let you limit by format, subject, etc. 

Other keywords to try: 

  • careers + your career field — will yield different results from using the phrase, "vocational guidance" (try both!).

For Example:

criminal justice careers 

 veterinary careers

Also try: college majors careers — to find books, eBooks, and more, about college majors for different careers.

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