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Psychology Resources (Brandon): Types of Psychology Sources

Types of Psychology Resources

There are many sources you will encounter as you research in psychology. These sources have different characteristics. Take care to match the sources you use to your projects.  See more below about the differences between scholarly and popular articles, etc. 


Types of Sources

Types of Psychology Sources

Publication Type





Reviewed by

Academic Journals

Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health

Original research, In-depth, Specific, Sources cited

Scholars and Practitioners

Scholars, Industry Professionals, Students

Scholars (Peer Review)

Popular News and Magazines

Psychology Today

Brief articles on topics of general interest, Advertisements


General Public


Case Studies
(site also includes other types of content)

Detailed examination and analysis of a specific case

Scholars and Practitioners

Scholars, Industry Professionals, Students

Scholars (Peer Review)

Government Information

National Institute of Mental Health

Research, Health Guidelines

Government Agencies, including NIH and CDC

Scholars, Students

Government Agencies

What is the difference between scholarly and popular?

Scholarly versus Popular

The Journal Article Research analysis assignment requires the use of a professional journal in the field of Psychology.  HCC Libraries have access to many professional, peer-reviewed, scholarly journals in psychology.  

Difference between a professional journal and a magazine

Review the PDF file below, Scholarly vs. Popular Articles.

Is Your Source Scholarly?

Some questions to ask as you evaluate the materials you find:

  • Who wrote the article and what authority or credentials do they have?
  • Who published the article and what is their publication process? 
  • When was this published?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • What references are cited and how are they documented? 


Anatomy of a Scholarly Article