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Countries & Cultures (Ybor City): Books & ebooks

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Example searches: countries or cultures

Think of 1-4 keywords or key phrases that express your topic (rather than a full sentence). Some examples:

Culture of a country or region:

Native or ethnic peoples within one or more countries:

  • kurd* culture - the asterisk* searches variants of the word Kurd (Kurds, Kurdish)
  • inca* ecuador - searches variants of the word Inca (Incas, Incan) along with the name of a country other than Peru that has Incan heritage

Particular Aspects of a Country or Culture:

Similar techniques can be used whether searching the library's catalog, PRIMO—or many research databases.

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While eBooks (online books) may come up in a general search of the Library Catalog, you can also search individual eBook databases to find online books that precisely match your topical search terms. In addition, you can browse by subject, as well as search within a subject.