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Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT and Beyond: AI: Interesting Things

Interesting Uses of AI

News: If things keep up like this, we're always going to be behind! 

Monge, Jim Clyde. (2023, August 3).  This AI tool can generate images from music - This is mind-blowing.  Medium. 

Another Massive Week in Ai  - March 21- March 25, 2023.  - by Matt Wolfe. [Video] Mentioned: Google Bard, NVIDIA Foundations; Adobe Firefly; Microsoft DALLE in Bing; Opera browser adds AI; Microsoft Loop, Canva, GitHub Co-Pilot Ubisoft; and more!  (Bard has been rebranded as Gemini)

"If I could make just one prediction about AI: AI won’t take your job. Someone using AI will." Prof. Scott Galloway. March 2023

A Funny Thing or Two

Podcasts/YouTube Videos About AI