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Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT and Beyond: ChatGPT in Action / Prompts



  • P = Prompt it
  • R = Give it a role
  • E = Give it explicit instructions
  • P =  Give it clear parameters


  • Topic: role of community college libraries in promoting student success
  • Context: research paper
  • Requirement: five paragraphs
  • Language: academic
  • Tone: formal


     write a [writing results] on [topic] in the style of [ role (or particular author) ] for  [audience]

     write a short essay on ethical use of information in the style of a librarian for undergraduate college students

ANOTHER: From Dickie Bush @dickiebush on Twitter
rewrite as a specific author:                  Rewrite this sentence in the style of .... 
rewrite for a specific goal:                     Rewrite this paragraph to make it more persuasive
rewrite for a specific tone:                     Rewrite this sentence/paragraph to sound more lighthearted/serious
rewrite for a specific demographic:    Rewrite this sentence/paragraph to appeal to a younger audience/professional 
                                                                      audience/international audience 

Tones:  more serious; more lighthearted; more formal; more action-oriented, more optimistic, etc. 


Act as an AI Writing tutor
I want you to act as an AI writing tutor. I will provide you with a student who needs help improving their writing and your task is to use artificial intelligence tools, such as natural language processing, to give the student feedback on how they can improve their composition. You should also use your rhetorical knowledge and experience about effective writing techniques in order to suggest ways that the student can better express their thoughts and ideas in written form.   From

LLM PROMPTING (Chat GPT, Bard, Claude 2, and others)  Main template. This is a template for help build prompts 


Rob Lennon.  Anatomy of a ChatGPT Mega-Prompt.  Simulate persona (Give ChatGPT a role);  task; steps to complete task; context/constraints; goal/ format output.   Another way to frame this:  Provide a role; action; context; steps; examples; format

Santiago AQ.  March 19, 2023.  Turn ChatGPT into the perfect flashcard creator. YouTube   [7:55 minutes]

Mushtaq Bilal, PhD  suggests incremental prompts: 1. Establish context    2. Explain the topic   3. Specify the task   4. Ask follow-up questions


University of Calgary.  Library. Research Guides. Artificial Intelligence. Fine Turning Prompts for AI Tools

Prompts from Lance Eaton. (2023, November)  for a presentation for faculty at North Shore Community College:   AI 101 Possibilities & Considerations of Generative Artificial Intelligence.    Try these prompts and check out the results  - and/or refer to the link for the slide presentation that includes the responses:

Prompt 1 Task Minimizing

Provide me with a listing of all the Tuesdays between August 21, 2023 and December 18, 2023.  Please list them in the following format:  Tuesday, September [Date], 2023.  

If any US holidays happen between each Tuesday listed, please include the holiday and its date.  

Additionally, please include any religious holidays or special days for Christianity, Judaisim, Islam, Hinduism, or other major religions

Prompt 2 Brainstorming Partner

You're a master at implementing the latest ways of effectively using generative AI, particularly for folks are not familiar with it, used it or have trouble understanding how best to use it. You're an expert at advising them how to maximize generative AI's use. Focusing solely on ChaGPT, provide at least 5 distinct and useful ways such folks can use ChatGPT in their everyday work.  Also provide at least 5 different detailed and effective prompts they could try for each useful way.

The list should not repeat. The list should be in a table format.  For each way, include a rating in terms of how hard it would be to set up. This scale should have 1 as the easiest and 5 as the hardest. Another column should provide a few sentences about how one would go about doing this.

Prompt 3: 1st drafting

you're an expert at communications and student support at a community college that includes both urban and suburban students.  North Shore Community College's semester starts on September 6, 2023 and ends on December 19, 2023.  Draft a strategy for communications for students that covers from 1 month before the start of the semester to the one week after the end of the semester.  

The goal of the strategy is to provide timely reminders, encouragements, and useful information about support services that North Shore Community College offers. 

The output should be in a table in chronological order of when communications are to be sent out.  Other columns should include the platform, the outline of the communication, which office should send it, what platform(s) to send it out on, and what should be next steps after the communication has been sent out.

Prompt 4
As an expert in learning management systems and student engagement, provide an overview of students experiences about faculty usage. Point out any particular glaring concerns and any particularly outstanding positive usages in the following feedback (Claude).

ChatGPT suggested categories

I asked ChatGPT To recommend some categories for this library guide: Here's the prompt I used and ChatGPT's reply: 

I'm trying to categorize articles about AI for teachers and students.  I want to cover copyright, plagiarism, limitations of AI, ethical concerns, AI and teaching. Can you recommend some categories for the articles? Here are the titles of some of the articles I want to include: 

It has become possible to use cutting-edge AI language models to generate convincing high school and undergraduate essays. 

Here's why that matters. 

AI Homework

Plagiarizing Chat GPT - Is it illegal? 

GPTZero: Here’s another attempt to build a tool which will be able to identify works produced via ChatGPT

Can AI detectors save us from ChatGPT?  I tried 3 online tools to find out.

The copyright industry is about to discover that there are hundreds of thousands of songs generated by AI already available, already popular. 

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Internet ethics (Includes AI)

ChatGPT recommendations: 

  1. AI and Essay Generation

  2. Ethical Concerns of AI Language Models

  3. AI and Plagiarism Detection

  4. AI and Copyright

  5. AI and Teaching

  6. Limitations of AI Language Models

  7. AI generated content and its impact on copyright industry

  8. AI and Internet ethics

What do you think about the suggestions?  Would there be a better way to write the prompt for ChatGPT?