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Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT and Beyond: AI to Try

Try out some AI tools


ChatGPT (free - As of April 2024, you can use ChatGPT without an account which can protect your privacy) and  ChatGPT Plus (monthly fee). You can turn off chat history to prevent use of your work. 

Bard  (Google).  Rebranded a Gemini AI. Go to  (Don't enter anything you wouldn't want reviewed or used.)  Gemini Ultra 1.0: Try it for free for two months. $20 per month at the end of the free trial)

Claude   Anthropic. Free with some usage limitations

CoPilot (Microsoft)  Released as part of a free update to Windows 11.  There is a charge for using CoPilot with Microsoft 365 software.  Use the EDGE browser  Wil generate images DALL-E-3. 

Perplexity AI   Free, built on  GPT 3.5 and GPT-4. Connected to the Internet.  You can use without creating an account.  Set up to provide answers.

Poe  Can access multiple LLMs and custom chatbots - owned by

The above list adapted with permission from University of Arizona Libraries Beyond ChatGPT guide and others

New tools are being developed daily!

For academic researchers:  JSTOR.  The generative AI product tracker "lists generative AI products that are either marketed specifically towards postsecondary faculty or students or appear to be actively in use by postsecondary faculty or students for teaching, learning, or research activities" other libraries library guides with lists of AI tools: 

Florida International University. Library. AI Tools

University of South Florida. Library. AI Tools for Research

AI for search – and for research suggestions

Consensus  (Beta) Ask a question and get conclusions from research papers - with links to the papers.  Ask about relationships between concepts. Ask a simple yes/no question.  Ask about the effects of a concept.  Topics range from biology to social sciences. More information about best practices.

CoPilot. ( Introducing Copilot: Your AI assistant that helps explain papers.  Uses GPT-3 to explain papers from a repository of 270 million + papers.  You can also upload a PDF and have it summarize the paper’s contents.  Also, try searching for a topic such as (online learning copyright) and check out the results. You can limit by year of publication, type of publication, and other parameters. 

ChatGPT for Google A Google browser extension that provides search results from ChatGPT along with search results from Google.  [Keep in mind that ChatGPT can produce errors of fact!]  

ChatGPT for Search Engines:   An browser extension that displays the ChatGPT response alongside Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo search results.  Works with Chrome or FireFox or Edge.  It's free. 

Elicit.orgSign up for a free account.  You can “ask a research question” or go to “tasks” – and in “tasks” you can brainstorm a research question.  Elicit will give you research questions based on your input.  Pick a question – and go back to the Elicit search page and type in the question you selected.  You will get a list of papers related to your topic – and you can export the list – and more!   (Also listed below).  Elicit draws from the Semantic Scholar ( database. 

Source:  Bilal, M. Twitter thread   ||   Tutorial for Elicit by Mustaq Bilal on Twitter || Caveats from Anna Mills: Teaching AI Critical Literacy with (YouTube)

Perplexity.   Ask anything. Perplexity AI is "an answer engine that aims to deliver accurate answers to questions using large language models" using OpenAI GPT 3.5 and Microsoft Bing.  When asked "What is ChatGPT" perplexity provided an answer and listed five sources. (The librarian in me suggests that you double-check results!)  Perplexity has an iPhone app that includes voice chat. 

Talk to Books   Browse passages from books using experimental AI.  It "enables an AI to find statements that look like probable responses to your input" from among 100,000 books. An experiment from Google AI Includes YouChat An AI that can answer general questions, explain things, summarize test, compose emails... 

AI for image creation - and art criticism

CariyonCariyon is ad-supported  and the ads are numerous.  Formerly DALL-E Mini

Critbot.AI;  If you are willing to upload one of your works of art, you can get a critique. Read more

DALL-E: You can try DALL-E 2 for free   | (You get 50 free credits during your first month, and 15 free credits will refill every month after that.) For the most up-to-date pricing information see  || Ars Technica article explains the credits, etc.)

Playground AI   "Make any image you can imagine with just text.

AI for literature reviews 

Connected PapersGet a visual graph of the ways research papers are connected - Create a bibliography.  | Tutorial by Mustaq Bilal  

Elicit  (also mentioned above) 👍 | Tutorial by Mustaq Bilal  

Inciteful Built on open scholarly data.  Build a network of papers. Includes a literature connector. Tutorial by Mustaq Bilal  

LitMaps  |  Tutorial by Mushtaq Bilal  

Research Rabbit | Step by Step Guide by Mushtaq Bilal 



AI for music

MusicLM  (AI text to music generator)  Google's AI Test Kitchen.

Riffusion.  (AI text to music generator).   When you figure this one out, let me know!

SOUNDRAW.  Create music for free - Monthly charge for music you'd like to monetize.

AI for PowerPoint

Go to and sign up with an email account. Then go to Workshop.  Then pick PowerPoint Generator and put in your prompt.  It will generate a PowerPoint for you.

AI for Studying  

Read Pilot    "Read Pilot analyzes online articles and generates Q&A cards for you."   Sign up (for free for now), upload a PDF, and ask questions about the PDF.  Humata will provide an answer and indicate which pages of the PDF were used for the answer. 

AI for translation

You can demo Meta's AI powered multlingual speech and text translator - Here's how

Some more tools

Under development - An AI teaching Assistant - a project from Brandon Garcia for Miami Hack Week,  Take a topic from the standard curriculum and let the AI create lesson plans, Google slides, quizzes and even an audio presentation.  Example: Ancient Egypt.. See more at (February 2023). 

Chat with a webpage 

Chat with a PDF

ChatPDF Pathak, K. (2023, April 21). Chat with AI to summarize obnoxiously long PDFs.  LifeHacker.  (The article also describes some ways to use Bing to chat with your PDFs)


YouTube Summary:  A Chrome extension 

From Rowan Cheung on Twitter:.  How I turn YouTube videos into short narrated summaries using AI. Tool:  Video Highlight