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The Sum of Us & The True Cost of Racism. Heather McGhee: Redlining: Tampa Area

Book read for the Hillsborough Community College chapter of the National Council on Black American Affairs

Redlining in the Tampa Bay area

Heather McGhee discusses redlining  - i.e. discriminatory banking practices that denied loans to b racial and ethnic minorities.  See below for a few items that discuss the practice in the Tampa Bay area.  See the redlining Wikipedia article for an overview. 


A Few Items on Redlining in the  Tampa Bay area

Domonoske, Camila. (2016, October 19).  Interactive redlining map zooms in on America's history of discrimination.  NPR.  [Describes an interactive map that shows redlined areas. Links to map include Tampa and St Petersburg]

LeFever, Bailey. (2021, December 13).  Structural racism has long been a part of St. Petersburg. City Council is ready to help change that. WUSF Public Media. 

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Richardson, Jason (2012).. The Effect of Mortgage Liberalization on Housing Patterns in Tampa Bay. University of South Florida, [Masters Thesis] 

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U. S. Attorney's Office. Middle District of Florida. Department of Justice.  (2021, October 22).  Justice Department announces new initiative to combat redlining.