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SLS 1106 - Dale Mabry Campus: Consider owning your own business

A library guide for success in SLS 1106 First Year Experience - and beyond.

Is entrepreneurship right for you?

What would it take to own your business? These resources can help you think it through and realistically imagine a future as your own boss.

Example books about self-employment

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Enter a word or phrase for your field or specialty, plus one of the following terms:
    • Gig work
    • Part time employment
    • Flexible work 
    • Self-employed
    • Startup
    • Contractor
    • Freelance
    • Entrepreneur* - the * picks up alternate endings, such as entrepreneurial, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship
    • Owner
    • Founder
    • Business
    • Company
    • Firm
    • Practice

Example  search: starting own “interior design” firm  Multiple words that comprise a term are searched as a phrase if enclosed in quotation marks.

Explore HCC's center for entrepreneurship

inlab logo

Did you know that HCC is a national leader in teaching students to be entrepreneurs? Through the InLab@HCC, our interdisciplinary center for innovation, creativity, social venturing, and design thinking, students can embark on a comprehensive pathway of college credit entrepreneurship certificates and degrees.

Even if you are not a student in the InLab, you are welcome to participate in their public events and workshops.