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SPC_1608_D'Amico: Reference Resources

One Way to Select a Topic

Selecting a Topic

Dr. D'Amico, your Speech professor, allows you to use the same topic for both your Informative and Persuasive Speeches.  You might already have a topic in mind.  Great!  But, what if you don't and find it challenging to think of a topic you could use for both speeches.  

The resources found on this page provide subject categories that could evolve into a topic selection.  

If you have questions about using any of these resources, please do not hesitate to contact your HCC Plant City campus librarians.

Reference Materials

Reference Materials

Reference materials are a starting point.

  • Topics are defined
  • Provides background and historical information
  • Helps develop keywords
  • Helps narrow topic   

Types of Reference Materials

Encyclopedias Through HCC Libraries

The following resources are located through the HCC Libraries Online Databases which provides easy access for students.  These resources are great to start with at the beginning of the topic selection process since there are many topics and subjects covered with a wide variety of information provided in one database location.  

Encyclopedias Through Online Resources

The following online resources are a sample of websites based on several topics organized like an encyclopedia.  These resources are also great places to start the topic selection process. 


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