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ENC 1102 - Corson (Dale Mabry): Home

Library resources and tips for researching for your literature and film analysis.

Welcome, ENC 1101 students!

Useful guides that may help you:

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Some tips as you start your research

Stay organized.

Tools in the library's catalog and databases can help.

  Save your results

  • Notice links to save results in your library catalog account, capture permalinks and put them in an assignment draft, or email them to yourself.
Whichever method you choose, try saving everything in one place for the same assignment.

  Save anything that looks promising

  • You can go back to it and really engage with it later.
  • When you start writing you can sift through and decide what to keep, or not.
  • It's common—and helpful—to gather more sources than you end up using.

  Use citation help

  • Look for the citation tool in library databases and the library catalog. It could be a link or button labeled "cite" or "citation help".
  • The citation tool will give you example citations in APA, MLA, and other popular formats.
  • Also refer to this: Citation Guide

  Notice other helpful tools

For example, some databases provide translations, audio recordings of articles, and font size adjustments.

  Note new search terms

  • Read over what you find.
  • A quick way to do this:
    • Scan the Summary, Abstract, or Introduction on the screen after you click the title.
  • Why it helps to do this:
    • Gives you additional keywords or search terms to try.
    • Helps you think about your topic and start writing your paper in your head.
  • Notice linked Subject terms—usually underneath the Abstract, Summary, or Details of an item. They may lead to other useful sources.

  Notice links to similar or related results

  • Some databases will display links to other resources on the results screen that are related to your search.
  • They might say something like, "More like this" or "Find similar results".


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