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IDS 2891 - Internet Research Strategies (Bullian): Home

Readings and course materials for my OLD IDS course on Internet Research methods.

Important notice:

The course material on this guide has been sunsetted. I've updated the material and content and moved it to Canvas. That said there is still helpful information available on this guide. Do note that the links and content on this guide will not be updated.

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IDS 2891 - Internet Research Strategies is a one-credit hour online course. The course focuses on methods of accessing information resources available through the Internet. Students will learn how to design effective search strategies, retrieve, evaluate, and cite Internet resources.

Course Documents

Grading Policy

The final grade is based upon the satisfactory completion of the following activities:

Discussion & Syllabus quiz 5 pts each 10 pts
Six Quizzes  10 pts each 60 pts
Final Exam 20 pts 20 pts
Gen Ed Essay 10 pts 10 pts
Total   100 pts

The quizzes, final exam and general education assignment are available in Canvas (MyHCC). This course is self-paced, but the assessments, assignment and final have due dates.

It is important to complete each of these on or before midnight of the due date, as one point is deducted for each day the assignment is turned in late.

You'll also see this:Quick Check

throughout all the lessons. All quick-checks are self assessments and are not graded or seen by your professor. 

Outline of Lessons for IDS 2110: Introduction to Internet Research

Outline of Lessons

All of the reading material for the course is contained in the lessons below. Use the tabs above or the navigation buttons at the end of each page to advance through the lesson materials. At the end of each lesson you will have a link back to MyHCC (Canvas) where you will find the quiz for each lesson. Please follow the course schedule closely for due dates.

  • Course Introduction -- What is the Internet?
    This reading provides an introduction to using the Internet as an information resource, a brief history of the Internet, and information about how the Internet works. After you read the Module move on to Lesson 1.
  • Lesson 1 -- Internet Communication
    Introduces Internet communication tools, including electronic mail and discussion groups such as mailing lists, groups, chat, and web conferencing. Discusses basic rules of netiquette, which define appropriate behavior for Internet communication.  After you read the Module, complete Quiz #1. (Note: Quiz #1 is based on the Introduction and Lesson 1)
  • Lesson 2 -- Web Search Engines and Other Web Tools 
    Provides tips and strategies for using Web search engines and meta-search engines effectively and efficiently. Discusses the difference between search engines and directories and covers file format and multimedia searching. After you read the Module, complete Quiz #2.
  • Lesson 3 -- Research Strategies
    Covers selecting a topic and planning a research strategy. Includes an introduction to keyword and Boolean search techniques which may be used with many Internet search tools and with most electronic library databases and reference tools.  After you read the Module, complete Quiz #3.
  • Lesson 4 -- Library Databases
    An increasing number of information resources are available via the Internet only to libraries or organizations who subscribe for a fee. Introduces several subscription-based resources available via your community college library.  After you read the Module, complete Quiz #4.
  • Lesson 6 --Documenting Internet Resources
    Explains and provides examples for documenting Internet and online subscription-based resources using the MLA and APA citation formats.  After you read the Module, complete Quiz #6.
  • The Glossary provides definitions of terminology used in this course.

Copyright Statement

Copyright © 1997-2019 Florida Community College, Learning Resources Standing Committee and Jeremy Bullian. This course was adapted and modified by Jeremy Bullian. Last revised Aug 2019 by Jeremy Bullian. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike3.0 unported License.