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SLS 1106 - First Year Experience Orientation: Information Timeline

This guide is intended to guide SLS students through certain benchmark assignments in the SLS 1106 course across all of HCC.

The Information Timeline YouTube Video

The Information Timeline graphic

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Information Timeline

Knowing how, when, and who covers a newsworthy event will help you determine what kind of source to use and how to evaluate the source.

Newsworthy event occurs

The Same Day:
Social media, TV News, News website (Facebook, Twitter; CNN, BayNews 9, WFLA)

The Week of the Event:
Print Newspapers (Tampa Bay TimesNew York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today)

The Month of the Event:
Magazines (Time, Newsweek, People)

Months After:
Academic and Scholarly Journals (Journal of Common Market Studies, Human Behavior, Developmental Psychology)

Year or More After:
Books, Government Reports, Encyclopedias (Hurricane Katrina: The Storm that Changed America)