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SPC 1608 / SYG 2000 - Gesmundo: Evaluating websites


Evaluating Information

You can find tons of information online, but how do you know if it is any good?  


  • Who is the author and what are their credentials?
  • Is contact information listed?
  • What does the URL reveal about the source? (.edu, .gov, .org, etc...)


  • Is the info related to your topic/question?
  • Who is the intended audience?  (Academic/General public/Other)
  • Can you find better info in another source?


  • When was it published or posted?
  • Has it been updated recently?
  • Are the links functional?


  • Did they cite their sources? 
  • Where did the information come from?
  • Is the information free of typos?


  • Is the purpose of the information to inform, sell, persuade, teach?
  • What are the biases? 
  • Is the informational content easily distinguised from the advertising content?