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Alternative uses for LibGuides: Welcome

We haven't broken it yet! Using LibGuides for this, that, and the other thing.

Using LibGuides as a Tool for Faculty Collaboration

Hello! if you are on this guide you are interested in alternative uses for LibGuides (LG). We are by no means original in our realization that LG is a very forgiving and maleable web platform. In fact, Springshare itself has taken to advertising these other uses as well. But, for us, it didn't take long before we realized that we could use LG  for much more that just "libguides" or "research guides."

Kitchen sinkMany of us at HCC Libraries have employed this "kitchen sink" approach. Not everything has worked out, of course, but much has and after all there is no harm in trying. If you already pay for the LG platform you know that it is an afforbdable, user-friendly, and robust web publishing tool for creating research guides for your students. This guide will show some of the other uses HCC Libraies have found for the popular content management system.

A few things to note:

  • These alternate uses were soley created with the base LG platform
  • We have yet to migrate to LG v.2 
    • LG v.2 may do some of these things better
  • In addition, LG CMS could very well improve and expand upon these altenative uses beyong the traditional "libguide."
  • And lastly, as is the case of many a LiGuides creation, this guide is is a work in progress. Check back again for updates.


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