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Ms. Stump's LibGuide (SouthShore): Acknowledging your sources

Why is it important to do this extra work?

Well, according to the Integrity Code at Princeton University, "there are a variety of reasons for acknowledging the sources upon which you have built your own work. [Here] are the key reasons: 

  • To distinguish your own work from that of your sources. 

  • To receive credit for the research you’ve done on a project. 

  • To establish the credibility and authority of your knowledge and ideas. 

  • To place your own ideas in context, locating your work in the larger intellectual conversation about your topic. 

  • To permit your reader to pursue your topic further by reading more about it. 

  • To permit your reader to check on your use of source material." 

"In all of these reasons, the essential element is intellectual honesty" 

Citing Sources....