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ENC 1102 - Nolasco (Ybor City): Researching a Company

Resources for your research paper.

Recommended Websites

Library Databases

To help you research companies. If you are prompted to log in, please refer to the HCC ID & Library LogIn tab.

Click the  buttons for details about each database.

HCC Libraries Search

Find books, articles, videos, & more

Search Tips

Use the Search box above to find books, eBooks, eVideos, articles, etc. 

Type the name of your company, click Search.

You have just searched the company name as a keyword. Keywords are any terms or words that help you find information. Keywords may appear anywhere in the text of an item, or its title or description.

See the difference between...

...a company name search by keyword ... and ...

...a company name search by subject.

Try This: For more focused results,

  1. Go to Advanced Search.
  2. Type the name of your company.
  3. Change Keyword to Subject looks like this
  4. Click Search.