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ENC 1102 - Nolasco (Ybor City): The Perfect Match

Resources for your research paper.

Helpful Books in the Library or Online

REF in front of the Call Number indicates a Reference book (not for check-out).

An item marked eBook can be accessed online. If you are prompted to log in, please refer to the HCC ID & Library Login tab for instructions.

Library Databases

For finding mostly articles on many topics. If prompted to log-in, please refer to the HCC ID & Library LogIn tab. Click the  button for tips.

Need more?  Try Databases A-Z. 

You can also narrow by subject by clicking through the drop-down box on the left side of the upper screen. 

HCC Libraries Search

Find books, articles, videos, & more

Search Tips

Use the Search box above to find books, eBooks, eVideos, articles, etc. 

Want more control over your searches?  Try the Advanced Search screen. Use Material Type (books, eBooks, etc.) 

Think of 1-4 key (important) words or phrases, rather than full sentences. For example:

choosing a life partner 

choosing a mate 


For same-sex options, you can try the above searches add in the word, gay.

Try This: Instead of the word, choosing, try the first two searches above with finding and see what comes up.