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ENC 1102 - Nolasco (Ybor City): Try a Library Search

Resources for your research paper.

HCC Libraries Search

Find books, articles, videos, & more

Search Tips

Use the Search box above to find books, eBooks, eVideos, articles, etc. 

Think of 1-4 key (important) words or phrases, rather than full sentences. For example:

architecture "vocational guidance"  – "quotation marks" search 2+ words as a phrase

architecture careers 

careers for english majors  

entrepreneur* – the * searches all forms of the word, i.e. entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, etc.

Try This: In the Search box above, type college majors careers and see what comes up.

Books You Can Check Out

A few examples of books available for check-out. Your library card is your student ID or Hawkcard.