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ENC 1101 & 1102 - Gaspar (Ybor City): Focus On: Just Historical Info

Library guide and research kit for Dr. Gaspar's ENC-1101 and ENC-1102 courses.

Literature and Its Times

  • Find material about The War of the Worlds and Frankenstein
  • You can also find material on time periods, such as Victorian...Industrialization...etc., by using the Book Index in the online or print versions of this resource.

--> A print edition of this book is located in the reference area of the library, for in-library use only.

World Literature and Its Times

Find material about Prometheus.One of the first few articles that appears on the results screen may be very useful.

Author Biographies

You can find biographical information about Mary Shelley and H.G. Wells in these resources.

The first item, "Biography in Context," is an online database that requires a log-in.

Click the button for tips.

Other Reference Sources

Non-literary reference books can give valuable insights into the social and historical context of an author's works. Some examples are shown below. Log-in instructions are on the Home page.