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Psychology Resources (Brandon): Bird - PSY 2012

Assignment for Professor Bird

Select any FOUR (4) articles pertaining to Psychology and for each article:

a) Summarize the main points in your own words, b) discuss how the article is relevant to your readings or class discussions, and c) critique the article (you may include your personal reactions as well as its scientific merits or usefulness). The articles should be scholarly and lengthy enough for you to have sufficient material to discuss in your essays.

* REMEMBER:    Your final paper (all 4 essays) should be minimally 1000 words, APA style, typed - double spaced, with standard 1” margins, font size of 12, and a cover page! List all bibliographic references. Proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling count as part of the writing assignment.  Remember “text-messaging writing” is not acceptable.  You must complete this assignment in order to pass this class.

You must use APA style (6th edition).   MLA and other writing styles are not acceptable.  You can get more information reading and/or viewing the following information:

1.         Internet resource:

2.         Youtube: APA Style 6th Edition Citation (10 mins)

3.         See the APA Tab above