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Faculty Resources (Brandon) : Library Instruction

A guide to Faculty library resources and services.

Customized Library Instruction

Brandon Campus librarians will provide customized research instruction for your classes. 


We will collaborate with you prior to the session to learn what outcomes you want for your students. This helps to ensure that the resources we demonstrate are the ones that will help your students succeed.  


A LibGuide is often produced to give students the links to the resources demonstrated during the session. If you are teaching an online class, we can create a LibGuide for you to link inside your Blackboard course. 


To schedule a tour or library instruction session, please use the form below or contact Kristin Heathcock or Ilene Frank

Why Have Library Instruction for Your Class?

If you require your students to do any kind of research, scheduling a library visit can be highly beneficial.

Why? You'll find some good reasons by scrolling down this box!  » »

  • Reduces Student Anxiety
    Many students are unfamiliar with libraries and the research process. Library instruction that is customized to their assignment can help reduce anxiety. 

  • Improves Quality of Student Research
    Students often believe that everything is available on the open Internet. Once they are introduced to the library's research databases and shown how to use them efficiently, the quality of their papers usually improves. 

  • Saves Students Time and Frustration
    Information is ubiquitous today and it is easy for students to become overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin. Library instruction that is tailored  to an assignment can point them to the quality resources that you want them to use.

  • Lets Students Know that Librarians are Available to Help Them
    Once sutudents have been in the library and interacted with a librarian, they feel more comfortable asking for help.  The library session helps them realize that other services such as quiet study space, group study rooms, computers and wi fi are also available.

Do I need to be there?

Definitely! We believe that it is beneficial for a class to come to the library for the session. However, the session can be conducted in your classroom if you prefer. But whichever location is chosen, we request that you  be present and engaged. Your active presence sends the message to your students that the library instruction is important to you, who is grading them. It also gives you the opportunity to ask your own questions, provide meaningful connections between the librarian's content and your course, and respond to assignment-related questions that often arise from students. 

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