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Faculty Resources (Brandon) : Streaming Videos

A guide to Faculty library resources and services.

What Videos are Available?

Besides DVDs that you can check-out from the and your students have access to thousands of streaming videos through our databases. These videos may be found via the library catalog - or the search tools in the video databases linked below. ↓↓

Wait a couple seconds - the image will change several times. Each image links to a different video database.

Then - click on the one you want to try out!  (Log-in is required)

»» FMG Films of Demand and Academic Video Online are multi-disciplinary - other collections are clearly labeled for theatre, dance and American history.


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Why use Streaming Videos?

It's easy to enhance your instruction - online or in the classroom - using videos from our streaming video databases:

* Access to the video databases with your HCC Library ID
* Playlists can be created
* Title and playlist URL links can be posted into any course management system
* Interactive transcripts are available for most titles
* Segments are the ideal length for more classes

Before you show a streaming video, make sure that your computer plays the audio of the Windows or Quicktime formats and that your computer preferences include Flash.

Create a Playlist in FMG on Demand!

You can create a personalized list of videos or video segments to share with your students.