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Religion Resources - REL 2300 (Brandon): Searching the Web

This guide is designed to assist students taking REL 2300 class.

Library Recommended Websites

Go to "Religion" under the Humanities topic in the Library's Suggested Websites.  Each of these websites has been recommended either by professional journal articles, by professors, or through the Library's review process.

Of particular interest in the "Religion" links to websites are:  BBC Religions, Catholic Encyclopedia, Hindusim and Exploring Religions.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar searches academic publishers, professional societies and pre-print archives. Note: Access may be limited.

Tips for Searching the Web

The first step in your research process should be to find  basic information about your topic.  Use a dictionary and/or encyclopedia.

After you've exhausted library resources, try a search on the web.  Because you are limited to sites with top level domain names of .edu or .org, remember to limit your search up front, rather than have to wade through hundreds of results that you can not use.

To limit to .org or .edu in Google, all you will need to do is type site:edu or site:org after your search term.  You can also use quotes to ask the search engine to search for those words, in that order.


"Confucius" site:edu

"Augustine of Hippo" site:edu

"Black Elk" OR "Oglala Lakota Sious" site:org