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Distance Learning Students are people, too!: Going Live

Online Library Instruction? Why Not? This LibGuide is a placeholder for presentation materials, helpful tools, software suggestions and more.

Go Live without a net

Why go Live?

  • Equitable access. Why should the distance learner get inferior service?
  • The technology is finally here and practical. It doesn't have to be a big production.
  • Students will think you are awesome, teaching faculty will be jealous of your skills. 
  • Collaboration
  • Flex your creative muscles. It can be fun. It can also be a pain in the butt.

Behind the curtain (and in front)

You can record it!

Lessons Learned

  • Things will go wrong
  • Don't be too ambitious with your initial sessions
  • Trial runs
  • The "optional" session

End User Req's for Adobe Connect

  • Basically just Adobe Flash 10
  • Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome
  • Tech Specs

WebConferencing software

Practical considerations

Practical considerations:

  • "No one wants to see my face!"
    • Audio only option
      • "I hate hearing my recorded voice!"
    • Canned video/audio. You write the script, outsource the performance
  • Learning curve
    • comfort with technology
    • takes time to reach comfort level
    • Practice with colleagues & staff
  • All about the benjamins
    • My dept/institution can't/won't pay for this
    • Explore the free options
    • Determine minimal level of service and build from there

moving along...