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Distance Learning Students are people, too!: DL @ HCC

Online Library Instruction? Why Not? This LibGuide is a placeholder for presentation materials, helpful tools, software suggestions and more.

How well are we doing at HCC Libraries?

Not very well! A look at the numbers:

  • For 2010-11 there were 10,852 unduplicated distance learning students taking a total of
  • 835 DL sections offered at the college across campuses

What had we been doing to support DL students and their library research needs?

  • Nothing
  • Not sure???
  • I thought you were doing it
  • Ask-a-librarian has them covered.
  • They'll be fine. They have Google.
  • Out of sight, out of mind

Data from 2011 HCC Factbook 

Challenges to overcome

Library Instruction for Distance Learners? Are you kidding me?

  • We don't have the time
  • We don't have the money
  • We don't have the technical know-how
  • We don't have the faculty buy-in

These are all surmountable. Individually, or as a team/department.

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