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Distance Learning Students are people, too!: The Canned Librarian

Online Library Instruction? Why Not? This LibGuide is a placeholder for presentation materials, helpful tools, software suggestions and more.

Create guides for Distance Learners

Widgets and Embedding Content boxes

You can add a widget or grab the embed code of a particular box. And embed the code in a blog, CMS (e.g. Blackboard, Angel, etc), or other external site:

  • Embed a custom box (e.g. Search box, custom database list).

To get Embed code, click Edit --> Edit Box Info --> Box Link Embed Code tab

Embedded in Blackboard

LibGuides box and widget embedded in MyHCC (Blackboard)

Screencasting in 4 simple (ahem...) steps

  1. Create video in Camtasia or other Screencasting software
  2. Edit. Edit. Edit. (and Edit some more)
  3. Upload to Vimeo or YouTube, etc.
  4. Link from Guide, blog, or CMS

Screencasting (Lo-fi edition):

  1. Record your screen with digital camera, camera phone or flip camera
  2. Upload to computer
  3. Edit if possible (Widows Movie Maker, )
  4. YouTube

OLD Library Orientation - Video Tutorials --Remove these from Mappings

This library orientation is broken into segments that focus on different aspects of research using HCC Libraries resources. Feel free to watch them all or just the ones that interest you.

 from hcc libraries on Vimeo.

Other helpful links and free resources:

Resources limited? Get creative.

moving along...