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When Librarians and Professors Collide: Canvas or LibGuides or Both

Will they annihilate each other like matter and antimatter? This presentation will provide an overview of library resources available to faculty and their classes. Also discussed, ways in which faculty librarians and teaching faculty can collaborate.

Canvas and the library

Some ideas to consider:

  • Canvas leftnav: "HCC Libraries Online" link
  • More external tools:  "Embed a Library resource link"
  • Embedding widgets & other content - in progress
  • Embedded Librarian
  • Canvas Commons and Learning object creation

Library authentication in Canvas for students

When setting up your course, leave the "HCC Libraries Online" link in the leftnav of your course turned on. Doing so will ensure that your students can click the link and automatically access library collections online without having to Log-in.

Step-bystep instructions: Access the Library in Canvas!

Adding Library content to Canvas

This process will embed a library authenticated link into your course page. The student will not have to log-in to access library resources (becasue they will be logged-in automatically).

  1. Click "Edit" on the with which you'd like to link to library content (article, evideo, ebook, etc.).
  2. Find the "More external tools" option
  3. Scroll down to "Embed a Library Resource Link"
  4. To add an database article, evideo, ebook, etc., use the "Permalink" or "Persistent link" from the library resource. This typically starts with "http://db11".
  5. LibGuide Links can be added in this manner as well to achieve the same result.

Screenshot from Canvas: