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ENC 1101 - Niedbalec: Write a Process Essay

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The Writing Process

The Writing Process


One of the first assignments you will have in ENC 1101 is to write an essay on the preparation and process of taking an academic written exam (essay exam).  Since you will be writing this essay in class, you are required to have researched information on this topic before coming to class in order to write the essay. 

In the library orientation, a few websites were demonstrated that have very good information on this topic. Ms. Niedbalec's previous ENC 1101 students have used these sites and have found the information to be very helpful.


Written Tests - Learn how to prep for your short answer & essay exams: This PDF includes both long-term and short-term test preparation strategies.

Study Guides and Strategies - The Essay Exam: This page will open in a new window. This is a nice list of general tips for preparing to take any kind of test, including essay exams.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Writing Center:  Essay Exams>:  This page will open in a new window.  The goal of this handout is to provide some easy and effective strategies that will help with the Essay Exam process.

Purdue OWL - Writing Essays for Exams:  This page will open in a new window.  Covers: What is a well written essay exam, how to write an effective essay exam as well as specific organizational and "key words" recognition in the essay exam process.

Ten Tips for Terrific Test Taking: This page will open in a new window. Another nice, general list of tips for preparing to take any kind of test.

Taking Essay Exams: This site, from the University of Alabama Center for Teaching and Learning, has information on preparing to take the essay exam, as well as tips for answering the questions and analyzing a returned essay exam.

Test Taking Skills - Effective study techniques for essay tests: This site gives tips on predicting possible essay exam questions from class notes. It also discusses practicing writing answers and planning your approach the day of the exam.

Articles that are useful

Some of the Reasons Why Preparing for Exams is so Hard:  What Can be Done to Make it Easier?

The Role of Reading and Writing While Composing from Sources

Developing Student Writers in Economics:  A Process Writing Approach

Tick Tock Tick Tock: How to Compose an Essay (and Yourself) When the Clock is Ticking!

Teaching the Subject Matter

This database article has a section called, “Teaching of Writing: The Task of Writing a Composition”.  This section, starting on page 726, discusses three effective writing processes:  Planning, Translation and Reviewing.

To access these articles, click on the title below.

Writing Guides

Subject Guide

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