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ENC 1101 - Sawyerr - (Brandon): Essay Topics

This will help Dr. Sawyerr's ENC1101 students complete their research papers.

Essay Topics

2.  Take a product (e.g. salad dressing, cake mixes, etc.) from your kitchen shelf or from the grocery store and read the ingredients.  Choose six of those ingredients and do a research on each of them.  As you do, make note of the benefits and dangers of each one and then write an essay on your findings.  Are we enhancing our lives or slowly killing ourselves by the foods we eat?  You need to make a collegiate argument.  This is a research paper; as such, you must document your work.

3.  As humans hunt for the secrets to youth and longevity, much has been made of organic foods.  Many think that the chemicals added to our fruits and vegetables help to feed the growing populations. Others argue that we do nothing but ingest great quantities of toxicants that lead to adverse medical effects upon us.

As a research student, you have abeen asked to examine this argument by examing the following:  oranges, apples, lettuce, tomatoes (and TWO more fruits or vegetables you may be interested in.)

You must show how these fruits and vegetables are cultivated, the pesticides/insecticides that are used to protect them from destruction and the effects of these chemicals upon humans.

This is a research paper; therefore, you must document your work.


(Essay #1 does not require library research.)