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ENC 1101 - Essay Assignments (Brandon): Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

A guide to helpful resources for ENC 1101 Essay assignments (definition, argument, compare and contrast, etc.)


In academic publishing, articles are submitted for peer review before being published. Reviewers who are anonymous and who specialize in the same scholarly area as the author (i.e. peers) read articles for quality of research. Reviewers may make suggestions for revision or reject the work.

Authors of scholarly, peer-reviewed articles  are experts in their field. Look for author affiliation. Authors of scholarly articles use technical language expecting that their readers are also scholars in the field of study. 

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article - Video

Identifying Scholarly Articles


Start with some keywords in one of the library databases

  • College admissions standardized tests

Look over the results for additional terms that might be useful

  •   College entrance examinations
  •   SAT (educational test)
  •   ACT Assessment
  •   Achievement tests
  •   University & college admission

Look for “Limit to” checkbox for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals

Look for an icon for Academic Journal used in some databases

icon for an academic journal