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ENC 1101 - Essay Assignments (Brandon): Books in the Library

A guide to helpful resources for ENC 1101 Essay assignments (definition, argument, compare and contrast, etc.)

What IS Etymology?

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, etymology is:

etymology, the history of a word or word element, including its origins and derivation. Modern scientific etymological study is based on the methods and findings of historical and comparative linguistics, the basic principles of which were established by linguists during the 19th century. The general principles involved in present-day etymology are:

"etymology." Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Online Academic Edition. Encyclopædia Britannica Inc., 2012. Web. 07 Feb. 2012. <>.

Books in the Brandon Library

The following reference books will be helpful with researching the definition and etymology of a word.

Who is an expert?

Paumgarten, Nick. "The Oxford English Dictionary's Surf Consultant."  The New Yorker, 3 October 2016,

Brandon Library Hours And Other Things

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Reference Sources by Subject

If your term or word is unique to a field or subject (e.g. medical terms, technical terms) see if we have a subject dictionary or encyclopedia in the collection (e.g. "medical dictionary" or "medical encyclopedia").

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