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LIT 2110 - Sawyerr (Brandon): Iliad - Homer

A guide to resources for Dr. Sawyerr's Essay Topics from LIT 2110 (World Literature)

Gale Literary Index: Iliad

Gale series that include criticism of this work:

Epics for Students, volume(s) 1:168-204
Literature and Its Times, volume(s) 1:166-73
Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism, volume(s) 1:268-412; 61:149-350
Poetry Criticism, volume(s) 23:149, 151-53, 155-57, 159-63, 165-72, 175-89, 191
Literary Movements for Students, volume(s) 1:29

How to Use the Gale Literary Indexes

Gale Literary Indexes

The Gale Literary Indexes compile excerpts of criticism (critical summaries) for a given author's work and are available for poetry and short stories as well as major fiction. See the How-to video to the left for help using the Gale Literary Indexes.  Click on the links for more information.

You may also Use the online Gale Literary Index to find which print Gale Literary Index(es) to use, as well as the volume number(s) & page numbers.

Online options for the Gale Literary Series:

  • While the Artemis Literary Sources (Gale) database does include many articles from the print Gale Literary Indexes, it is not as comprehensive, meaning there many more authors & works of literature covered in the print Gale Literary Indexes.