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ENC 1101 & ENC 1102- Fahling (Ybor City): Database Information for Research

Course Guide for Prof. Fahling

Use These Online Reference eBooks for Literary Research

These eBooks will provide you with historical background, author information, critical analyses, and much more about many novels and short stories. Log-in required. Read the instructions and tips next to each book image before you log in!

If You Have Time to Come to the Library

If you're not finding what you need when using the online resources linked on this page...

...or if you would prefer to to use hard-copy (physical) books...

...there are many other research materials located in the library.

If you have time, come visit us on the 2nd Floor of the YLRC Building. If you want research help, it's best to make an appointment with a librarian. Click the Get Help! tab to contact us.  We can help you in-person, online, or on the phone.

Literary Criticism Databases

These library databases will lead you to critical and overview articles about novels, short stories, plays, poems, and other works of literature; literary topics; author information; full text of many works; and more. Click a link below and log in.

Other Helpful Databases

These databases will lead you to articles about literary themes, social issues, and most any topic in general.

Things to Keep in Mind as You Do Your Research

Start early.

√ Work from the general to the specific.

√ Keep a record of each item you find, even if you don't know whether you will use it.

√ Stay organized to save time and frustration.

 Image: Phillip Martin