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Making Buttons @ the Brandon Campus Library: Home

How to use the button maker at the Brandon Campus Library

Stop by the library to make your custom buttons! Button maker and supplies provided by the Brandon Campus Student Government Association. 

Available for student use - 2.25" Button maker

*All supplies available

*Students need only make their button design!

How to make a button video

Button Maker Instructions

  1. Create your button graphic
    • Our button template is easy to use and edit. Bonus is that the circles are the correct size! 
    • Open the template and edit to make your own custom buttons. 
    • Replace the existing circle shape with an image and/or text 
  2. Print out and prepare your buttons
    • Use the Circle Die Cut to precisely prepare your image for the buttons
    • Circle Punch with paper inserted
  3. Place button shell, image, and mylar in the "pick up" (shallow) die. Use the single black line as the center point for the top of the button. Make sure the button shell is sharp side down. 
    • Inserting button shell, paper and mylar in button maker
  4. Spin the dies and place the pin back in the "crimp die". Use the double black lines to line up the pin in the correct spot. 
    • Place pin portion of button pointy side down in crimp die
  5. Rotate the die clockwise until the "pick up" die is stopped under the handle. 
  6. Pull down on the handle until it stops, then lift it up. 
  7. Spin the dies counter clockwise until the "crimp" die is under the handle. 
  8. Pull down on the handle until it stops. 
  9. Spin the dies again to see your completed button!
    •  completed button being removed from button maker

Button Maker Template

Replace fill with image on word shape formatting


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