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ENC 1101 - Willman (Brandon): ENC 1101 - Argument Essay Resources

guide for students in Professor Willman's ENC 1101 course

Locating Resources for the Argument Essay

Your research for this essay requires you to use a variety of sources from the library database and/or Google Scholar. The sources below will be helpful for locating information that supports your side of the argument and information from the opposition side of the argument. You might use both of the sources or might have great luck with just one of them!

As you research, remember to reach out to your campus librarians for assistance and carefully review the instructions from Professor Willman.

Video tour of the library for this assignment


MLA Citation Resources

Frequently asked questions about research for this assignment

How do I find information about my topic using the library resources?

  • All library resources can be found by going to the HCC Libraries Online - click on the link in the left navigation area of the course in Canvas

Accessing the library from Canvas left navigation button


  • To find sources for your argument - access the library Databases
  • Databases are listed alphabetically - so you can quickly find the ones that have been recommended by your instructor

Accessing the library databases

  • Key databases that will be useful for this assignment are Opposing Viewpoints and Google Scholar


ENC 1101 Argument Essay Instructions

For ENC 1101


Write your argument essay using the template supplied below. If you do not use the template, you will probably be missing one or more critical parts. 

Choose from one of the following topics: 

  • Should parents be allowed to spank children? 
  • Should sugary drinks and snacks be banned from all public schools and government work places? 
  • Do Facebook and other social networking sites do more harm than good? 


This essay should be a minimum of 650 words and should be double-spaced. This essay needs a minimum of three sources: Two sources must be used for your side of the argument, and one sources is needed for the opposition side of the argument. Incorporate at least one of them as a paraphrase. All must appear in the body of the paper with a proper in-text citation and a works cited entry on the last page. Use the library databases: click on the HCC Libraries Online on the left. Click LAUNCH. Next, click DATABASES. Scroll down and choose "opposing viewpoint." Search in this area for information to add as a quote or paraphrase as instructed above. 

Be sure to check back before the essay is due for your Turnitin score. It is your responsibility to check it and revise if necessary. Plagiarized essays receive a 0 and cannot be redone. 

Use ONLY the library database (link is in the course) or use Google Scholar. That means that wikipedia and any website ending in .com are not allowed.